Our Commitment

  1. Healthy People
  2. Healthy Planet
  3. Healthy Future

Simbuilt maintain a strong stance on the environment, minority groups and government issues. Being ISO accredited is an achievement we are extremely proud of and continue to work hard to ensure that we are on top of our game!

Healthy People

Simbuilt go above and beyond to assist employees not only in their career progression but also personal lives if needed. We are transparent and our people know what is expected of them.

Our culture places an emphasis on ensuring all employees are respected and have equal opportunities to grow and advance, in their movement towards becoming leaders in our industry.

Simbuilt ensure that the general health and wellbeing of all staff is regularly monitored so we can support and assist if required. We are also passionate about working with minority groups. The more diverse our people the better the range of skills and competencies we offer!

Safety of our People and Subcontractors

Safety is our first priority, and our commitment to maintaining industry-best practices in this area highlights this importance.

Our OH&S system is independently ISO accredited, and this certification provides the baseline for our OH&S standards. Keeping our ear to the ground, and staying in touch with the wider industry helps us to ensure that we are consistently at the forefront of safety in our industry.

Healthy Planet

Simbuilt have never been convicted of any environmental incidents or non-conformances. In our regular HSEQ meetings, we discuss environmental and sustainability issues with our entire staff. This provides the framework for continuous improvement of our systems, so that we can ensure we are always doing everything we can for the environment. We maintain an independently ISO accredited environmental system.

Reducing Waste

Waste is a major bi-product of the construction process, and hence waste reduction is one of the most important environmental issues that we must address. We continuously seek to minimise waste and reduce resource consumption.

Hazardous Materials

We have extensive experience working with common construction environmental hazards, such as contaminated soil, asbestos and lead paint. Simbuilt maintain close ties with multiple testing and audit hygienists, priding ourselves on rapid response times to hazards.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

In a delivery and machinery heavy industry, carbon emissions are another major bi-product of the construction process. In addition to using electrical equipment in lieu of fossil-fuelled equipment where possible, Simbuilt always seek to work with local suppliers, or to procure locally sourced materials in order to reduce the carbon footprint of our projects. A substantial solar system on our new office reduces the carbon footprint of our office activities considerably.

Heritage Conservation

Another aspect of sustainability we focus on is heritage conservation. Simbuilt has an excellent track record of completing heritage conservation and roof replacement projects at significant structures throughout Melbourne, including the Collins Street Baptist Church, Fitzroy Town Hall, Collingwood Town Hall, and Valentine’s Mansion. We maintain a focus on preserving what is existing and replacing what has degraded in a like for like manner. These projects also serve to protect the skills and knowledge of traditional trades such as slating, cast iron, solid render, including mouldings, and lead working that are fading from regular use.

Healthy Future

We have a clear vision of where we are, and where we want to go.

This allows us to clearly communicate with our team, and to gain their input on how we can improve our future.

Our leadership team is always seeking new ways to sustain and grow the business, whilst also contributing to wider reaching social and environmental outcomes which will improve our world for future generations.

Through meetings and discussions with our team, clients and subcontractors, we aim to achieve the following:

  • Reduce negative environmental and social outcomes through supply chains
  • Reduce impacts on the community during construction
  • Align our processes with industry-leading standards