Monash University B16 & B22 Reclad

Monash University were undertaking a series of recladding works in a mission to create a safe working environment. ACP, non-compliant material, was identified within two separate buildings across two different campuses. Simbuilt was contracted to remove the existing non-compliant, combustible APC panels, and install new 3mm solid aluminium Mondoclad, insulation and sarking on a like-for-like basis.

Monash University,
Clayton and Peninsula Campus
Monash University
February 2020
The main challenges the project was faced with was the effects of the Bushfires (Smoke Haze) and extreme changes to weather conditions.
To ensure programme wasn’t affected by the smoke haze or harsh weather, Simbuilt workers would only demolish and install small sections at a time to the substrate to ensure there was no exposure of the building. In Clayton, if the weather was too harsh to work outside, workers would conduct inside lift cladding works to ensure practical completion date was met.