Monash University East Wing

The project involved the refurbishment of three student and staff spaces across three separate buildings in the Campus Centre, Biomed and Society of Monash Electrical Engineers building.

The main body of the project was focused in the Campus Centre with major structural ceiling works to the corridor leading into the student union recreational library.  The works included the installation of structural supports to accommodate the new exposed joinery baffles installed along the ceiling and continuing down the walls, with an impressive central meeting table for staff and students to utilise improving on student interaction and group programs.

21 Chancellors Walk Campus Centre,
Clayton VIC
Monash University
March 2018
Simbuilt managed to salvage some much-loved glass doors and panels that had been painted many decades ago. 
These doors were installed and hung as artwork along a corridor partition with fantastic feedback from staff and students for its creative design and appreciation for the stakeholder’s values.