Monash University Berwick Reclad

Monash University identified two buildings at their Berwick campus, that required the existing and now non-compliant ACP cladding to be removed and replaced. Mondoclad was identified as a compliant material to reclad both buildings along with the replacement of the existing substrate, insulation and sarking waterproofing. Simbuilt were contracted to reclad both buildings with 3mm solid aluminium which provides a fire rated cladding material which complies with all relevant Australian Standards.

100 Clyde Rd,
Berwick VIC
Monash University
August 2019
The reclad project was coordinated around the Universities quieter period of the year to ensure the least amount of impact to the staff and students. Both buildings combined consisted of 1,400m2 of cladding to be replaced.
Simbuilt identified the shop drawing process early as a key item that can hold up the progress of a project and ensured these were produced during the initial planning phase of the project for consultant’s review and comment. A mock-up cassette style example panel was fabricated and sent for further consultant review reassuring the design concept and installation methodology was to be adhered to.
Monash University Berwick Reclad 4
Monash University Berwick Reclad 6