RMIT Spine Shelters

The RMIT spine path weaves through the wetlands area at the West Campus in Bundoora.  The path was lacking any shelters or rest points for staff and students transitioning from the campus to Plenty Road public transport and shopping complexes.  Simbuilt were contracted to provide two new structural steel shelters along the wetland’s spine path and also provided a snaking gravel path that links the university’s sports facilities.

As the two shelters were both concave in shape, they required copious attention to detail during each phase of design, construct and installation.


Clements Drive,
Bundoora VIC
RMIT University
December 2018
Absolute precision was required during set-out of the concrete plinth to ensure the correct curvature of the prefabricated stainless-steel bench.
A concrete plinth was installed below the shelters to support a stainless-steel rod bench that curved in two directions to create an ‘S’-like shape. The final product: high quality, impressive structures that blend seamlessly into their surroundings.