Peter Scullin Reserve

With it’s tranquil beach front setting, Mordialloc is constantly growing in popularity. This has created the need for an expansion in amenities for the thousands of beach goers, cyclists and water hobbyists who frequent the area. The new amenities include a Changing Places facility, which provides a larger than standard DDA facility, along with a hoist, change table and pull-out privacy screen.

225 Bay Trail Rd,
Mordialloc VIC
City of Kingston
June 2022
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Peter Scullin Reserve_023
Peter Scullin Reserve_038
The eye-catching brickwork design, required extreme precision and geometric design principals, to create its complex curves.
There were steps in the brickwork as small as 1mm to ensure the design intent and structural integrity of the curved brick walls was maintained. The intricate brickwork externally is matched by equally elaborate laser-etched curved stainless-steel feature ceilings internally.